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Welcome, you have found the website for Burtchaell Photography. We have been professional photographers since 1983 and we work hard to provide our clients creative artistic images, impeccable customer service and true value for money. We take the responsibility given us by our clients seriously we promise to do the best job we can, be it a simple passport photo or a week long assignment.

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Burtchaell Photography is owned and opperated by Tom and Patricia Burtchaell and is a full service professional photography studio located in the heart of the downtown Billings Montana business district. I have earned my living with a camera since 1983 and I am as passionate today about the art and craft of photography as when I started in the field almost 30 years ago.
"My first photography instructor, Bill Miller, taught me " to approach every photoshoot as if this was the only photograph that would ever be made of that subject""
I have used that advice as the model for our business and today, we pride ourselves on producing creative, award winning photographs and providing impecable customer service for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations throughout Montana and around the world.
"I believe that every subject has an inherent visual beauty that may not be obvious, it is my job to reveal, and capture that beauty"

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Guestbook for Burtchaell Photography
Thank you so much for volunteering your time and talent to take pictures of the dogs with Santa. We love Annie's picture!
3.Sandra Crawford
The pictures of the 'dogs with Santa' taken for Loveable Pets were so good. Thank you so much.
2.Dan Brady(non-registered)
Hello to the both of you,
Just looking over your photo's, very nice. I really like your web pae. I sure would like to do one for myself, maybe if I wasn't so lazy. But it seems like if I get time I would rather take pic's. Sal and I went down to Jackson Hole and I shot the Moulton barns and colors. you need to shoot them if you haven't yet.
well I better go I'm working, we'll stop when we get to town one of these days. With it being summer we don't get there often. Just so many other places to go.